God Danced

Here's a demo and printable version of a birthday song I wrote back in 2000 which by now has traveled the world, quite on its own! I had a bumper sticker on my car for years with that phrase, "God danced the day you were born", on it. You also find it on coffee mugs and whatnot at Catholic bookstores and such places. I take no credit for that phrase, but I did build the song up from it as a belated birthday present for my new sweetie. I hear about folks sharing it in all kinds of settings and always appreciate hearing the stories.

I also appreciate it when people take the time to learn it the way I intended it to be sung...at least at first. Then, if you want to "folk process" it in some way, knock yourself out. In my humble opinion, the most common "mistake" is to trade more speed for less groove, which is a bad deal for all concerned. We have enough speed in our lives and not enough groove. :-)

OK, two more things I appreciate:

  • I appreciate being credited with having written the song. Anonymous has enough credits to his/her name and I need all of them I can get.
  • If you are going to record, print it for sale or use the song in a commercial context I expect people to go legit. At a minimum, ask my permission to include it in your songbook or record it. I usually ask (and am gladly offered) the standard mechanical royalty for a recording. If you are Martin Scorcese or Disney and you want to use the song in your next big budget movie, let's talk!
God Danced written version  
God Danced audio demo sung by Yours Truly  

Thanks for your interest and enjoy the song!