For Community Guitar Students

This area of the website contains a variety of resources that supplement the written and recorded materials that make up a Community Guitar course packet. They are divided into four categories, shown as different colors below. Just click on the highlighted heading of any row and you will be transported, as if by magic, to that section.

Here you'll find a collection of web pages devoted to songs we've covered in Community Guitar classes. Each page will give you a quick historical overview of the song, including a sampling of various artists' arrangements and performances of them. This will be particularly useful in learning how the songs are sung, since our instructional materials are strictly instrumental.
Every song in a Community Guitar course packet includes a Theory and Exercises section, the purpose of which is to help deepen your understanding of what your hands are up to as they master the solos and rhythm parts to a song. The two primers in this section—the Level 1 Music Theory Primer and the Level 2 CAGED Primer—provide the basic information you'll need to get started on those exercises. Occasionally, the exercises will make reference to concepts that are not discussed in the primers, and these will be covered in Resource Sheets you will also find in this area.
Here you'll find resources that will help you learn Community Guitar songs (or any other music) by ear.
Fiddle Tune Rhythm Tracks In addition to our regular Community Guitar repertoire, some of us are working on building and maintaining a collection of fiddle tunes we can jam on. Here you'll find rhythm tracks to use as you learn and practice the tunes.