Ear Training Resources

Note: This area of the website is just being developed as of the fall of '09. Enjoyment and feedback are most welcome! ~A

This section of the website is devoted to resources that will help you use the audio materials that came with your Community Guitar course packet as vehicles for ear training, a critical skill for any would-be jammer.

The bulk of the material here will be organized by song. As we introduce new Community Guitar repertoire another page will be added and you will be able to access all those pages through the lower of the two tables below. (Eventually, similar pages will be added for older repertoire too.)

If this is your first time to this area of the website—or you just need a refresher on the process we'll be using— please start with the Intro to Learning by Ear below. Then pick a song from the list below and get down to business. Have fun, and may you develop "big ears"!

Intro to Learning by Ear


Ear Training Resources by Song
Deep Ellum Blues
Goodnight Irene
I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Those Two Blue Eyes
Time Changes Everything
Wagon Wheel
Waltz Across Texas