Jackson Stomp

Jackson Stomp is a string band tune that dates back to at least the late 1920's or early 1930's when it was recorded by the Mississippi Mud Steppers. With minor personnel changes, the Steppers also recorded under the name "The Mississippi Sheiks", one of the most popular and successful string bands of the 1930's. Most of their members were part of the same family, the Chatmans, which included Charley Patton and Peter Chatman. The clip below is from their version of Jackson Stomp on Document Records, (shown to the right). While this recording is hard to find, others are readily available and make for great listening, including the Mississippi Sheiks' Stop and Listen on Yazoo, which you can purchase using the link at the bottom of the page.

Audio clip: Jackson Stomp as recorded by The Mississippi Mud Steppers


Jackson Stomp was revisited by the New Lost City Ramblers and included on their String Band Instrumentals album for Folkways Records in 1964. Folkways was acquired by the Smithsonian in 1987 and now this recording is now available through Smithsonian Folkways. Though it doesn't include Jackson Stomp, we've recommended another NLCR collection that you can purchase below in case you want a sample of their music. They are among the first, best and most widely influential of the old-time revival groups to emerge at that time. Here's a taste of their take on this fun tune:

Audio clip: Jackson Stomp as recorded by The New Lost City Ramblers

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