Sample Our Marketing Materials

Having offered group guitar instruction for over ten years in a variety of towns, formats and institutional settings I have found again and again that there is strong demand if—and this is a big if—people know the opportunity exists. Any business person will tell you it is not enough to have a great product. You have to have a way to get that product to market effectively if you want it to sell.

This is yet another area in which Community Guitar can help you get a terrific group guitar instruction program up and running with ease and confidence. Here are some of the resources I'd like to put at your disposal to help get the word out right:

Website and Internet Marketing

As a licenced Community Guitar teacher or host, this website becomes your website. As we market our program on the national level, you become our point person in your local area. For a look at how this will eventually work, swing by the pages devoted to Join the Community. Every local Community Guitar program will have a series of pages devoted to it like those devoted to my own program here in Northampton, MA.


Our color brochure makes the case for Community Guitar with class and clarity. After downloading this low-resolution pdf, have a look at the far right hand panel of page 2. There, and in just a couple other spots, we'll swap your local information and photos in place of mine and you're all set.


Designed for the promotion of each round of classes, this flyer will set your offerings apart on the community bulletin boards. Again, once you are on board as a licenced Community Guitar host, the flyer can be quickly customized to include your local info. Because the full page flyer doesn't contain any details about specific classes, it can be printed in quantity and reused.

Detailed information about specific upcoming classes is restricted to a narrow tear-off which is stapled to the right hand side of the flyer. The tear-off includes all the relevant details about upcoming offerings on one side and a quick overview of Community Guitar on the reverse. We'll provide a template for the tear-off so you can easily create these yourself when you are ready to promote a new round of classes.


Laid out in different sizes and formats, ready to adapt for local use and send to press. For example, here's a business card sized ad I use in the local coop newsletter.


Writing takes time and good writing takes longer. I can anticipate the kind of text you are likely to need to get the word out about your program: press releases, short pieces for newsletters, e-mails to prospective participants, and more. Some of my own writing will serve as templates which you can complete for local use; some will be ready to use with little more than a fresh signature. Either way, I can help you keep the message of Community Guitar consistent and engaging while saving you time.

Caps, T-shirts and other merchandise

You feed three birds with one seed every time a student walks out the door sporting the Community Guitar logo:

  • You've got a walking (talking!) advertisement for your program.
  • You've made a sale in support of your work.
  • They've got an attractive, distinctive addition to their wardrobe.

Truth be told, these have not been designed yet but that job is working it's way steadily up the to-do list.

Signs, stickers, magnets..

You name it, you can use it as a vehicle for getting the word out about your Community Guitar program. This too is a work-in-progress at the time of this writing. I'll wait to have most of these designed until I have a clearer idea of what local hosts would find most useful.