Community Guitar Classes
with Andrew Lawrence


Photo: Meghan Hoagland

Spring 2018

Classes start late March and run through early June.

Please note: This website is in mid-upgrade, so here I'll only include bare-bones info, mostly for the benefit of newcomers. The best ways to get more detailed info are to either call or write me:

  • Phone: 413.320.8154
  • email: andolawrence AT gmail DOT com

I look forward to connecting and making some music together. Now, on with that most basic of information about the spring class session

These classes form the backbone of the Community Guitar program, offering participants the opportunity to build technical skills, repertoire and relationships all in one spot. We meet weekly for 90 minutes, usually taking on 4 songs per 10-week session. We generally work in one major key -- and perhaps its relative minor -- the whole time.

The exact mix of classes/levels is determined in large part by the abilities and interests of the participating students, but what you see below is how the schedule for our 10-week classes has been shaping up in recent years. Although there are nominally only two levels, in reality it's more complicated than that. So if you are considering joining one of these study groups for the first time, please get in touch as early as possible so we can find the best group for you to work with and make sure you're ready.


Community Guitar Classes

Spring 2018

6–7:30 Level 1
7:30–9 Advanced Level 2
7:30–9 Level 2
6–7:30 Level 2
4:00–5:30 Level 1